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What You Will Experience During Your 21 Days:
Programs Built For You
Each fitness program is designed to help you torch fat, build lean muscle, improve functional strength, and increase cardiovascular health to achieve long lasting results!
World Class Coaching
Our professional trainers are here to help maximize your training so that you can reach your full potential and achieve all of your fitness goals!
Supportive Community
You will receive support, guidance, and accountability every step of the way throughout your fitness journey. This will leave you prepared to tackle anything life throws your way!
Why Solid Rock Personal Training?
Backed by science: Our program is backed by the science to deliver insane long lasting results fast and safely for beginners, intermediate, and advanced individuals alike using the Proven OPT Model.

Set your own pace: Choose what level of intensity you can handle. Our workouts deliver results based on your on current level of fitness and ability.

Modifications to meet your needs: Recovering from an injury or orthopedic issue and need a modification? Just tell your coach! They will modify the exercise(s).

Specific workouts, specific results: We design each workout to deliver results to transform your body, break through all your plateaus and challenge you every time. Every workout has a purpose.

Inspiration and fun: We work hard and play hard! We have challenges, hangouts, and community building events. We achieve goals together and celebrate as a fit fam.

Secure your 21 DAYS FOR $21 today and see how Solid Rock Personal Training can help transform your life!
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